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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Transformers The Movie Optimus Prime







Joshua said...

i wonder what's the diff between movie leader and voyager class

desmond said...

This is the one I love the most..Looking forward to the second instalment series..

Shin said...

To Joshua: Besides the difference with the scale (leader class being bigger), the leader class and voyager class have different sculpts, accessories, paint scheme, articulation and transformation. IMO, the voyager resembles the movie design more than the leader class. The leader class is bulkier and resembles the classic design more.

To Desmond: there are some pics of the new leader class prime TF2 circulating on the internet and he looks very cool.

desmond said...

I saw that. I like the chest area as Hasbro did some changes to be more movie accurate. But I don't like the joint part of the arms. It makes both arms far away from the shoulder..A bit weird (feels like both arms may fall down anytime)!!