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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sydney 2008 Oct Part 2

More photographs. Intercontinental Sydney is located very close to the Syndey Opera House, but unfortunately my room doesn't face that direction. View from my bedroom window.

Sydney 2008 Oct Part 1

I had the chance to go to Syndey on a business trip in October this year. The trip was meant to last about 6 days, but I had to return on the fourth day due to my in-camp training. We stayed at the InterContinental Sydney, a 5 stars hotel in the Sydney CBD. Here are some photographs of my room.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Wife's Toy Collection

Disney Collection

Gloomy Bear


Misc stuff

Kolkata 2007 Oct Part 3 (Final)

Last day of the trip. Arrived at the Kolkata airport. The airport was undergoing renovations when I visited Kolkate in 2006 Dec. I have to say it looks a lot better after the renovations.

Queuing up to clear immigration
Boarding the plane. Home sweet home.

Kolkata 2007 Oct Part 2

As it's my second trip to Kolkata, I didn't take as many pictures this time round. It was a business trip, which meant I spent the whole day working in the hotel. By the time I finish my work and leave the hotel, its usually night time.

Kolkata 2007 Oct Part 1

I just realised that I did not post photos of my visit to India in 2007 Oct. So, here they are for anyone who's interested.

I was staying at Hotel Hindustan International, a 5 stars hotel. However, the facilities were more like 3 stars equivalent in Singapore. Below are photographs I took of my bedroom.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Star Wars AT-TP Walker

I had initially put off the idea of buying this vehicle due to its lack of paint application and battle damage. But after seeing the AT-TP Walker being posed on its two hind legs (front centre leg retracted), the height and look of this vehicle once again captured my attention. Got this beauty at S$30 at China Square China. IMO a good deal.

To be continued...