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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wolverine & Hulk

Picture 005
From left:
Wolverine (Ultimate) - Marvel Select
Hulk (Ultimate) - Marvel Select
Wolverine (black suit) - Marvel Universe
Wolverine (Classic yellow and blue "tiger stripe" costume, unmasked) - X-Men Legends
Hulk - Face-off series 1
Wolverine (Classic yellow and blue "tiger stripe" costume) - Red Hulk series
Hulk (first appearance, grey) - Marvel Legends series 9 (Galactus series)
Wolverine (brown costume) - Marvel Legends series 3
Wolverine (Astonishing X-men, unmasked) - Marvel Legends series 12 (Apocalypse series)

Spider-man collection

My Spider-man collection
Picture 006

From left:
Spider-man (first apprearance) - Marvel Legends series 10 (Sentinel Series)
Ultimate Carnage (Marvel Select)
Spider-man (Symbiote costume) - Red Hulk series
Vulture - Fearsome Foes boxset
Scarlet Spider-man
Rhino - Fearsome Foes boxset
Spider-man - Fearsome Foes boxset
Doctor Octopus - Marvel Legends series 8
Venom - Spider-man 3 movie
Spider-man - Spider-man 2 movie
Green Goblin - Marvel Legends series 13 (Onslaught Series)
Black costume Spider-man (Unleashed)
Spider-man (black costume) - Spider-man 3 movie
Spider-man (black costume)