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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Avatar, Aang review

Here is my review of Aang, from Avatar, the legend of Aang.

Aang comes with his staff, his glider and Momo, his pet Winged Lemur.
Aang on his glider
IMO, Aang's sculpt doesn't fare as well as compared to Sokka, . The action figure only bares a resembles of 60% to 70% to his animated counterpart. The figure has a blank expression on its face which causes it to look less like the animated Aang.


Aang fares better in articulation than Sokka. He has cut neck, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel biceps (below the sleeves), pin bows, hinged mid-body articulation, waist joint, ball-jointed hips, double pin knees, swivel calves and pin ankles. The inclusions of cut wrists and a ball joint neck would have made his perfect.

I had thought that the outer yellow pants would have made his hip joints completely useless. While it does somewhat hinders the hip articulation, the use of soft rubber for his outer pants does allow for some room for his hips to move.
Aang in his attack stance

That's all folks


Anonymous said...

Hi! Did you buy those Avatar figures in Singapore? I've been looking for those. Which store and where in Singapore did you buy those? thanks.

Shin said...

Bought at OG Orchard. Still have some stock left but limited variety. Located behind the marvel legends toys.

Anonymous said...

Aang looks really stupid.
(luv how articulate u were though)

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