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Monday, September 10, 2007


SPAWN I.098 was the first toy (or rather the first 3 toys since I imported 3 at that time) I imported from the USA as it was a Spawn.com exclusive. And thus far, it is also the only time I have imported toys from the US.

Of the 3 I bought, I had initially intended to sell one, keep one mint and open one up for display. But due to the cost of importing these, I ended up selling two and keeping only one. After keeping him in storage for close to 4 years, I finally decided that it was time to part ways...

One of the main reason I have been keeping him for the last 4 years was because of the gargoyle base. I had wanted to pose my Spider-man on it. But alas, the more I look at the gargoyle, the uglier it looks (dun get me wrong, it is very well-sculpted and detailed, but still ugly). Someone was kind enough to offer me a reasonable price for it. So, sayonara SPAWN I.098, may you find happier times with your new owner.

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