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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wings of Redemption Spawn SOLD

When I first saw photos of the Wings of Redemption (WOR) Spawn on Spawn.com, I was totally blown away by the sculpt and paint. However, when I saw this toy at dept stores, I was fairly disappointed with the final product and hesitated whether to buy or leave it.

Firstly, The joints on this figure, esp the neck and waist joints, totally break the flow of the sculpt if you move it from the intended position. Secondly, the paint job was a bit sloppy at the waist area and the paint above and below the neck joint did not match up evenly.

In order to downsize my toy inventory, I showed my gf my entire collection of Spawn toys and asked her which were the ones she thought I should keep. WOR Spawn was amongst those which didn't meet her standard. After keeping it with me for 5 years, it was finally time to part ways.


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