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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Revoltech SFO, Chun Li review

Revoltech released a new series of action figures called SFO (Street Fighter Online) on 15 Oct 2007. Revoltech will be releasing two to three new figures on the 15th of every month. Today I will do a review on Chun Li.


Revoltech's packaging has improved a lot since the first few figures were released. The current boxes are smaller, more compact and easier to store. They also hold the accessories better.


The reason I picked up Chun Li and dropped Ryu was primarily because of the face sculpt. Ryu has an ugly face and doesn't anything like the Ryu's I have come across whether on print media or games.

Chun Li on the other hand has an excellant sculpted face. The clothes are also well sculpted and the knee joints are well hidden by the sculpt when viewed from the front. However, the revoltech joints do not do justice to Chun Li. The shoulder joints, elbow joints and neck joint ruins the asethics of this figure. This is especially true of the neck joint, and is an eyesore. If you compare the final product with the pictures on the packaging, you will notice that the ugly neck joint is absence on the pictures. I almost ended up not buying this figure because of the neck joint. If only Revoltech did Chun Li in the style of their Fraulen line of female action figures.


This is one area where this figure shines. Comparing this version of Chun Li to the SOTA Chun Li, this figure out poses the SOTA Chun Li in every way.

The joints are as follows:
1. Ball jointed neck
2. Ball jointed shoulders
3. Ball jointed elbows
4. Ball jointed wrists
5. Ball jointed torso
6. Swivel waist
7. Ball jointed hips
8. Ball jointed knees
9. Ball jointed ankles

She can do all her signature and more. Below are pictures to show her pose-ability.


Revoltech has quite a high QC on their paint application. The paint application on my figure and several others I saw are clean and there's no slop on the edges.


I do not have the toy with me as I am writing this review. But if my memory serves me right, she comes with a display stand, two pairs of hands and a fireball accessory.


I got her for SGD$26.00, the Yen retail price is 1680.00. For the pose-ability and look of this figure, I would say its worth the price I paid.


desmond said...

Shin, are you buying the Medicom 12inch Chun Li? Looks very very nice leh..

Shin said...

Not buying. Saw pic of the medicom player 1 (blue) chun li, looks great except for the "balding" head. If I buy any more medicom, it will be SW darth maul. Saw one at Vincent selling for $200.00. But bolui (no $$$) liao.

desmond said...

Okie..Sideshow Darth Maul is also not bad and the price is only around $120 from Simply Toys. You may consider that unless you are a super supporter of Medicom.

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