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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transformers The Movie Nightwatch Optimus Prime



Joshua said...

awesomely impressive. wanted to get this fig too when i saw it going for 40bucks..feel it looks better than the other variant which was the original one...this nightwatch version's ears were more similar to the comics than the other movie version...which was too long.

desmond said...

I still prefer the original movie version as I like the combination of orange, yellow, red and blue colour :)

Shin said...

Hi Joshua, I actually prefer this version of the head sculpt over the variant (preimum). I feel that the variant's "ears" and the slimmer head makes the preimum Prime look like a rabit.

Hi desmond, thks for the constant visits to my blog. I bought this version as I thought the colour scheme was quite cool. But of course the orange, yellow, red and blue version is better :)

Generic Levitra said...

This is fabulous! I have seen another exemplars of Transformers but anyone as complete as this one. I definitely should admit I stayed so pleased with this Optimus Prime.