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Monday, May 21, 2007

Marvel Select Carnage Review

I finally completed my review of Ultimate Carnage.

Over sized and a waste of space. Not collector friendly at all.

This is the first Carnage figure I own so I have no other figures to compare it with. But having seem photographs of the Marvel Legends Carnage, I feel that this version has the best sculpt amongst all the Carnage figures made. There are tons of details on the figure. The only complain is that the head is sculpted into the body, meaning there is no neck articulation.

Head - none
Shoulders - ball-joint
Elbows - pivot
Wrists - double pivot
Waists - swivel
Hips - ball-joint
Thighs - swivel
Knees - pivot
Ankles - pivot
Total 21 points of articulation (if ball-joints are counted as 2 articulation points)

I only wished Carnage had been given double jointed elbows, double jointed knees, mid-chest hinge and head articulation so that it can assume more action pose.

Most of the joints on my Carnage are tight except the right knee joint and both ankles. The loose ankle joints causes the figure to topple easily.

The red body paint applications seems to differ from figure to figure, with some having a lighter shade of red. I picked up the one with a darker shade which looked closest to the photograph on the back of the packaging.

Carnage comes with a dried corpse of a female victim. It has a cute neck and left shoulder articulation.
I picked him up for S$7.95. Definitely value for money.

Size comparsion.


Shaun said...

I think it was quite a waste that this fig doesn't have neck articulation. But getting it for S$8 is quite a good deal. Keep the good reviews coming. :)

GoatLady said...

I know this is from a long time ago but I only just came across your post. I have a Carnage figure made by Toybiz from 2006 which has 24 points of articulation. It has double jointed knees, mid-hand joint to move the fingers, its head moves from side to side and has a mid-chest joint in addition to all the ones you mentioned yours has. It isn't Ultimate Carnage though. I'm not actually sure which it is. It seems a lot like Carnage but has a tongue like Venom. Very odd!