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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dragonball collection

Miscellaneous DB toys
Hybrid series:
Vegeta and Piccolo have been taken out from the packaging.

Size comparsion between the DB Hybrid and Star Wars figures.

Size comparsion between the DB Hybrid, Star Wars and Marvel Showdown figures.
The biggest DBZ figure in the series, Brolly (size comparison)


Releashed from captivity.

HG series:

These are most (not all) of my collection.


Shaun said...

Nice DBZ collection there, man. Really loved Dragonball as a kid, and glad I managed to pick up and hang on to the older bandai ones. One pix here

Delione said...

really nice DB collection!!! Where did u buy the Bulma fig with baby Trunks? And Mirai Trunk sitting on a stone? Plz tell me where u find it or if u know where on internet i can buy it!! I relly want to have these two in my DB collection!! :)

Shin said...

Bulma fig with baby Trunks is from one of the Dragonball HG series and Mirai Trunk sitting on a stone is from one of the Dragonball Imagination series. I bought them from local toy shops and they are no out of stock. U may want to try yahoo auctions or ebay.

Anonymous said...

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