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Sunday, March 29, 2009

X-Men Origins Series 1 Wolverine

The packaging
X-men Wolverine 472
X-men Wolverine 473

Size comparison between Marvel Showdown Colossus and X-Men Origins Wolverine
X-men Wolverine 474
X-men Wolverine 475

Wolverine in action
X-men Wolverine 477
X-men Wolverine 479
X-men Wolverine 481


Jcee said...

Wow what is that diorama piece from? Looks so cool!

LEon said...

In the comic, Wolverine costume should be more yellowish... but orange seem to look better on figures.

Joshua said...

really cool photoshoot SHIN!!! love the distinct proportions of wolverine and colossus

Shin said...

TO Jcee: Its the display base that came with some of the earlier Marvel Legends figures from Toybiz.

To LEon: That's true and the orange used for this Wolverine looks much better than the yellow plastic used for the Marvel Legends Red Hulk series Wolverine.

To Joshua: Many thanks for the complement.

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Wolverine action figure is cool, however he looks orange, and into the comics and TV series he is yellow, but in general the model is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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