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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recent purchase

Hasbro's 4 inch Star Wars action figures haev improved by leaps and bounds since the POTJ series of figures. The newer figures are getting better in terms of sculpt and articulation. The new animated line has caused me to expand my purchase. I had wanted to stop collecting but it is very very hard to stop.

From left: Stass Allie, General Grievous, BARC Trooper, Clone Trooper Officer (Lieutenant)


desmond said...

Are you intend to complete this Clone Wars series?? HAHA!!

Shin said...

Just buy wat i like. Clone wars so far only bought Speeder bike BP, 2x Super BD, 4x clone, Rex and Anakin's padawan. Not been able to find Cody and Oddball. Waiting for wave 3 to hit retail...